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Why RealAgents.com?

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7 Reasons You Need This Service

  1. Avoids shifty referral agencies that DO NOT vet agents properly
  2. No obligation to use the recommended REALTOR®
  3. REALTOR®’s expertise matched to your specific real estate needs 
  4. It’s FREE! Your future agent covers the costs of this service
  5. Recapture hours of your time otherwise used looking for a REALTOR®
  6. Hiring a top agent ensures you sell for more and buy for less
  7. Hiring a great agent saves you money and keeps unnecessary stress out

The worst agent referral agencies simply sell online real estate leads (that’s you) to the highest bidding agent. No questions asked.

You deserve better and that’s why RealAgents.com exists.

How Does It Work?

When you request a REALTOR® through RealAgents.com we securely pass your information on to an established and vetted REALTOR® referral agency that cares about you. Every agent they recommend has been carefully qualified to meet their high standards, while having the right experience for your situation.

Once your information is transmitted, these experts contact you (often within hours) recommending a trustworthy REALTOR® in your community. If for any reason you would like the name of a different agent, they will be happy to do so.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are agents found?

Agents are never recommended until they pass a stringent set of standards that look at their experience, online reviews, education level and service location.

How is this service free?

This service is always free for anyone buying or selling a home through an agent we recommend to you. Your new agent pays us a referral fee from their commission after you buy or sell.

Can I switch agents?

There is no obligation to use the recommended agent. If you decide not to buy or sell or feel a better match is out there, just request a new agent. No questions asked.

How does this service save me time?

Having an agent recommended to you that has already been vetted and proven to be a great agent, not to mention with the right experience for the type of home you are buying or selling, saves you hours of time researching and interviewing different agents.

What if I'm not sure I want to buy/sell?

That’s okay! Your agent will still provide you with a free home valuation and have a face to face meeting with buyers or sellers to answer any questions about the market, your budget or next steps. It’s your choice if you proceed further.

Bottom line, REALTORS® are a dime a dozen, but the right REALTOR® is priceless.

Not intended to solicit buyers or sellers currently under contract.